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About Jessica

Hey there! I’m Jessica Hines, and I’ve always been deeply connected to the lively community of Scarborough!

From my early days exploring the lush trails to my current involvement in various community endeavors, my dedication to this vibrant neighborhood has only grown stronger.

I possess a BA in Psychology from Tyndale University, and have a passion for assisting newcomers, which led to a rewarding experience working closely with the Toronto District School Board. My time spent in Jamaica was particularly impactful, as I dedicated myself to empowering high school students, while my involvement in the Toronto Youth Cabinet allowed me to actively address significant community concerns.

My commitment to entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability led me to develop an innovative social enterprise focused on reducing water usage in agriculture, blending my love for business with a drive for eco-friendliness.

Eager to expand my horizons, I pursued an MSC in International Business from Scotland’s Robert Gordon University. Advocating for small businesses and championing the growth of Black-owned enterprises became my mission. As a former operations manager for Black Urbanism TO, I dedicated myself to supporting businesses affected by the LRT construction, fostering resilience within our community.

Presently, I am thrilled to serve as the Affordable Housing Organizer for the Oakwood-Vaughan Community Organization. Additionally, my role as a trusted business consultant for small businesses and non-profit organizations allows me to contribute to the growth and success of various local ventures.

With my unwavering ties to Scarborough, I am genuinely passionate about leading municipal initiatives towards a brighter and more sustainable future. My commitment to global sustainability and positive impact drives my every endeavor, making me an ideal candidate to champion the progress of our beloved community.

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